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Any home owner can attest to the fact that speaker wiring is typically not the easiest thing to accomplish.  There are many factors such as speaker placement, size and configuration of the room, aesthetics, etc.  Today, many of our devices work wirelessly, however, it seems as though there is a lack of wireless selection when it comes to speakers. 


Although wireless speakers have been available on the market for several years now, the fact is that selection is still quite limited.  Depending on your requirements, many wireless speakers may not deliver enough power to satisfy an entire system.  Many manufacturers are will sell a speaker system with only wireless surround sound rear speakers (which generally are the trickiest aspect of concealing speaker wiring).


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headphones.jpgSometimes it seems like I'm in constant motion, even during my downtime. That can make using regular corded headphones challenging — every time I settle down to listen to a little music, something comes up that needs attended to. Pause goes the music or video, off go the headphones. So while good sound is important to me, cutting the cord and having headphones that can move with me is appealing.


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